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We work with our customers to develop technology solutions to fit their specific business needs. Throughout the planning and design phases of our engagements we most importantly listen to our customers. We listen, engage, and provoke conversations to uncover the drivers behind why and what our clients are up to. We take those meeting outcomes and translate them into designs ready to implement. Our staff look to design, optimize and implement world class solutions that your business can count on. We take great care to bring value to our customers. Anyone can resell a product, but we take the products and put them to work for your business.

The Collaboration Leap-Frog

Customers looking to adopt a collaboration platform are poised to leap frog a technology cycle. It was not long ago that customers stated to take a serious look transitioning from traditional PBX platforms to those on IP technologies. These IP Technologies have already evolved into allowing organizations to communicate across multiple mediums. Gone is the days of simple voice calls to conduct business transactions. Organizations are looking to communicate via Voice, Video, Chat, and Shared interactive workspaces. Customer's that are still on legacy platforms look to us to help them make this Great Leap Forward across this divide. With proper design and implementation business can hit the ground running with a new collaboration platform.

Some customers are finding themselves faced with an aging and increasingly inefficient PBX platform holding them back. As other customers adopt these new collaboration platforms, they will begin to prefer working with other organizations that may communicate at the same speed. Nothing is more frustrating than having to depend on voicemail and email messages to work with others. These platforms do not drive real time communications. Nothing is more frustrating than constantly leaving voicemails or sending emails and having to wait for a response. Businesses are finding this just as frustrating. New collaboration platforms will help eliminate communication delays between organizations. Is your business ready to transform its communications platform? Let us know NOW how we may help.

Now that collaboration has exploded onto the business scene. How will your business adopt collaboration? These platforms are not just for large business. To increase your exposure to larger businesses that have these communications platforms, your business will want to have a plan that will allow your business to seamlessly connect with them via those platforms. This will allow you to appear and function as an extension to your potential client instead as just another vendor or supplier. You don't have to be a large business to adopt these platforms. However, your business will want a platform that makes it seamless for any business to conduct business with yours vs. others.


There is nothing more important to an effective collaboration platform than having a clear plan of what will be put in place to support your business's collaboration objectives. How collaboration applications will fit into your business workflow will most definitely shape how they are delivered to and used by others within your organization. The more time spent in this phase of any project will have a direct correlation to the projects' success. This is especially true with collaboration platforms. The collaboration experience must be as seamless as possible. The goal is to simplify and make collaboration intuitive as if it were second nature. This does not happen by taking an approach of ready, shoot, AIM!!!!


We have been designing Cisco Unified Communications Solutions for years. We cut our teeth in Cisco's own Advanced Services Organization where we have worked with some of Cisco's largest customers as they have integrated these platforms into their businesses across a diverse set of market segments. We bring our years of experience to the table and incorporate them into our designs to ensure the solutions we deploy are already optimized once they are put into your business's production environment. There is a difference between just getting a feature to work versus supporting that feature being consumed by hundreds or even thousands of users. Whether your organization has a single site or sites spread across the globe, chances are, we have been there and have done that.


Collaboration platforms don't deploy themselves. Wouldn't that be nice? Until that happens, we provide implementation services to deploy the variety of collaboration endpoints, compute, media resources, and voice/video gateways to get your business up and collaborating as efficiently as possible.

Operation & Support Services

We have a team of US based professionals that can support your collaboration solution. Our team may support end user support requests all the way up to system level upgrades and maintenance activities to keep your collaboration platform at its best. By leveraging existing collaboration solutions we may offer various remote support options. We also deploy to onsite locations if needed to support our client's required activities. Our support offerings also include remote monitoring and event notification service where we may incorporate collaboration technologies into the notification process so you'll be aware of what is going on in your environment.

An Architectural Perspective: What helps differentiate us from our competitors is we take an architectural approach to design, implementation, and operations. Our experience has shown us that every solution will be completely dependent on an underlying network infrastructure of routers, switches, wireless access points, and diverse networks spread across local and wide area networks. We understand a collaboration experience will likely traverses at least one if not all the aforementioned components. Our architectural and customer first perspective is what makes us so successful in our engagements with our clients.

Assessment Services: Assessment services assist our clients with determining what may be negatively impacting a user's collaboration experience. Assessments may also be used to ensure that solutions have been deployed consistent to a vendor's best practices or reference architectures. Assessments will also check to ensure your platform is as resilient as possible to minimize any impact to your end users may experience if an unexpected outage occurred. The results of these assessments provide clear actionable next steps to ensure your business collaboration platform is performing at its best. We are even able to carry out our assessment outcome plans since we all to often have seen other assessments outcomes unused due customer staffing issues.

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